Monday, August 07, 2006

Where I am.

I don't actually post on this blog, but mainly have it as a fallback. My primary blog is at Demosophia which is currently in the sovereign virtual state of Munuviana, but I also post, with varying frequency, to Winds of Change and The Jawa Report.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Circumstances

Hi folks. I finally got fed up with paying Typepad fees and will park the blog here on Blogspot until I can set something up that's more permanent. I won't upload my archives until the URL pointer has propagated, so all of my, and your, links still work. Sorry about the inconvenience.

I'll also be doing some posting on the Winds of Change blog.

Yankee Doodle Danish

Denmark is the only nation other than the United States that celebrates US Independence Day on July 4th as a national holiday. I found out about this when I was a stamp collector and came across a series of Danish stamps celebrating US Independence, issued on July 4th. Kinda cool.